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Monzo Bank

Monzo Bank – Disrupting the Banking Industry

Monzo Bank has an innovative and transparent approach to banking. Starting with the Monzo prepaid card they are now rolling out current accounts. We speak to Zander Brade to learn more about this exciting UK startup.

Josh Harris - Product Manager

Product Managers – What do they do?

One of the key roles you will have to work with in your UX projects is a Product Manager or Product Owner. We speak to Josh Harris, Senior Product Manager at LexisNexis UK to find out more about what they do.. How did you get into your

Mountain climbing

Meet the mentees – April 2017

We follow the journeys of some of our UX Mentorship Program mentees each month as they learn about UX and work towards getting their first UX jobs. This months mentees Ellen Henderson Twitter: @ellen_hen LinkedIn Tara Lee-York Twitter: @taraleeyork1 Linkedin Fabiola Borquez Twitter: @fabi_borquez 1. How

UX job interview

Get your first UX Job – 10 tips to get hired

One of the questions that the mentors on our free UX Mentorship Program frequently get asked is how to get your first UX job and create a UX portfolio. UX is a growing phenomenon – it came fourteenth in CNN’s top 100 jobs list. They said the number