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Meet the Mentees – May 2017

We follow the journeys of some of our UX Mentorship Program mentees each month as they learn about UX and work towards getting their first UX jobs. Sponsored link This months mentees Fabiola Borquez Twitter: @fabi_borquez 1. What have you been learning about UX this month?

The UX Review Spring Roundup

2017 has been a busy year here at The UX Review and we are only in May! Sponsored link So much so I thought it was worth doing a quick roundup and telling you more about what’s been happening and where we plan to go next. Here are


2015 review in numbers

With the new year fast approaching and 2015 almost leaving us it’s a good time to take a step back and reflect on what has happened over the previous 12 months. Sponsored link And what better way to do that with some festive stats from

UX Mentorship Program

The UX Mentorship Program

Sponsored link Get your UX mentor We just need a few details to send you your invite. Free. No commitment. Features Get feedback on your UX work Get prepared for a UX interview Get tips on running UX workshops and activities Online easy access to

MeetMate - Get a reputation for great meetings

Meet MeetMate – My new App

I’m sure I’m not the only UX designer who has ever dreamed of creating their own app. As a species we are naturals at identifying problems with processes, tasks and user journeys in every day life. Sponsored link However, there is very little (human readable)