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We’ve enjoyed our time on Tumblr, but it’s time to move to a new home. Tumblr is great for short bursts of information, but we like to explore topics around UX in slightly more depth, and for that we decided to move over to a more powerful WordPress platform.

You will get all the same great content, plus it’ll be easier to find and discuss our articles. You can also look forward to more guest bloggers from across the industry, along with interviews and hopefully a few competitions too!

Our old Tumblr account will essentially become a feed of articles from here, so if you are following by RSS you are recommended to update your feed to:

We hope you enjoy the new look and features. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the experience, plus always looking for content contributors  If you are interested get in contact via Twitter @theuxreview

About Chris Mears

Chris is a User Experience Consultant with a focus on multi-channel experiences. He believes in persuasive design - using UX as a medium to drive users to take action against measurable KPIs. Founder of The UX Review.

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