Getting Started with UX Design: A Novice's Handbook


Embarking on Your UX Journey

Starting your journey in user experience (UX) design can be an exciting yet bewildering experience, especially with the multitude of terms and methodologies floating around. Fear not, for The UX Review is here to provide you with a beginner’s guide to UX!

We offer step-by-step guidance on techniques that empower you to tackle design challenges and craft user-centric solutions, from inception to delivery.

1. Research and Discovery: Unveiling the Insights

User Research
In this initial project phase, your aim is to acquire comprehensive knowledge about your users and the business requirements. Effective design hinges on balancing these often conflicting demands.

A blend of desk-based and field research methods will illuminate who your designs are intended for. During this phase, you’ll create personas and user journeys to delve into how users will engage with your design in the real world.

- User Research – The Beginner’s Guide
- Google Analytics – The Beginner’s Guide
- User Interviews – The Beginner’s Guide
- Personas – The Beginner’s Guide
- User Journeys – The Beginner’s Guide
- (Stay tuned for more!)

2. Conceptual Design and Iteration: Shaping the Vision

Having completed your initial research and gained insights into your users, it’s time to enter the iterative phase, testing your ideas with real users. This is where the architectural framework of your design begins to take shape, both in terms of its appearance and functionality.

User testing feedback becomes your guiding star, helping you refine your design continuously, inching closer to an ideal solution.

- Sitemaps – The Beginner’s Guide
- Wireframes – The Beginner’s Guide
- Prototypes – The Beginner’s Guide
- (More to come!)

3. Delivery: Bridging the Gap

At some point, a developer will need to transform your design into a functional reality. However, your journey doesn’t conclude here.

You serve as the vital link between the users and the project team, maintaining your involvement even during the project’s construction phase.

Embark on your UX design journey equipped with this beginner’s handbook, and embrace the exciting challenges that lie ahead. UX design is a dynamic and rewarding field where continuous learning and adaptation are key to success.