Getting to Know Our UX Mentorship Program Mentees – October 2023


Every month, we trail the experiences of our UX Mentorship Program’s mentees as they embark on their UX learning journeys and strive to secure their first UX positions. Let’s meet this month’s mentees.

Mentee Spotlight: Fabiola Borquez
- Twitter: @fabi_borquez

1. What Have You Been Learning About UX This Month?

Fabiola: This month, my focus has been on understanding the core principles of user experience design. I’ve been delving into the importance of user research, usability testing, and information architecture. It’s been fascinating to discover how these elements work together to create user-centered products and interfaces.

2. What Challenges Have You Encountered in Your UX Learning Journey?

Fabiola: One of the challenges I’ve faced is the sheer volume of information available in the UX field. It can be overwhelming at times, but I’ve learned to break it down into smaller, manageable pieces. Additionally, I’ve realized the importance of hands-on experience, so I’ve been actively seeking opportunities to apply what I’ve learned through personal projects and collaborations.

3. What Are Your Aspirations in the UX Field?

Fabiola: My ultimate goal is to contribute to designing products that genuinely make people’s lives better and easier. I aspire to be a UX designer who understands the needs and desires of users, and I hope to work with teams that share this vision. My journey in UX is just beginning, and I’m excited about the possibilities it holds.

We’re thrilled to follow Fabiola’s journey as she progresses in her UX learning path. Stay tuned for more updates from our other mentees in the coming months.

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