Guerrilla Testing: Streamlined Techniques for Lean and Agile Website or App Usability Testing


Guerrilla testing emerges as the solution to the common refrain of “We lack the time or resources for user testing.” This method offers a quick and cost-effective way to assess the usability of a website or app before its official launch. But what exactly is guerrilla testing, also known as guerrilla research?

In essence, guerrilla testing is an impromptu and rapid approach to usability testing. It involves collecting valuable user feedback by approaching individuals in non-traditional settings, often in public places, and presenting them with the website or app for evaluation. This allows for real-world insights without the constraints of formal testing processes.

Here are some effective tips to conduct guerrilla testing efficiently and in alignment with lean and agile methodologies:

1. Target Audience Selection: Identify and approach individuals who represent your target audience. These could be people at a coffee shop, a library, or a public park, depending on the demographics you are targeting.

2. Simplified Scenarios: Craft straightforward scenarios or tasks that users can complete within a few minutes. Keep it simple and aligned with the core functionalities of your website or app.

3. Focused Feedback: Encourage participants to provide immediate feedback on what worked well and what didn’t during their interaction. Focus on gathering insights about usability, navigation, and overall user experience.

4. Iterative Testing: Conduct multiple short sessions of testing, adjusting and refining your product based on the feedback obtained from each round. This iterative approach ensures continuous improvement.

5. Minimalistic Tools: Use simple tools like paper prototypes, clickable wireframes, or even the live version of your website or app. The emphasis is on speed and convenience.

6. Open-ended Questions: Frame open-ended questions that prompt users to share their thoughts and impressions freely. This can lead to unexpected insights that might otherwise go unnoticed.

7. Collaborative Analysis: Involve your team in the analysis process. Collaboratively review the feedback and distill it into actionable insights that can guide design and development decisions.

Guerrilla testing is about being resourceful and adaptive. By incorporating this lean and agile approach, you can quickly gather valuable insights, refine your design, and ensure a more user-friendly product as it moves toward launch.

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