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Card Sorting – The Beginner’s Guide

This entry is part 10 of 10 in the series Beginner's Guide To UX

What is card sorting? Card sorting is a user research method for uncovering how people assimilate and classify information in your website allowing you to develop an effective information architecture and sitemap. It is a simple and straightforward process where your participants / customers sort

Josh Harris - Product Manager

Product Managers – What do they do?

One of the key roles you will have to work with in your UX projects is a Product Manager or Product Owner. We speak to Josh Harris, Senior Product Manager at LexisNexis UK to find out more about what they do.. How did you get into your

Top of mountain

Meet the Mentees – May 2017

We follow the journeys of some of our UX Mentorship Program mentees each month as they learn about UX and work towards getting their first UX jobs. This months mentees Fabiola Borquez Twitter: @fabi_borquez 1. What have you been learning about UX this month? Fabiola This