Beginner’s guide to UX


If you are just starting your journey into user experience / UX design you may be a bit confused by all the terms and methodologies that our out there. Luckily The UX Review is here to help with our beginner’s guide to UX!

We give you step by step guides on the techniques you can use to both explore design problems and then come up with truly user centric solutions all the way through to delivery.

1. Research and discovery

User Research

In this phase of your project you are trying to learn everything you can about your users and also the business requirements. A successful design balances these two sets of often competing requirements.

A mixture of desk-based and field research will give you insight into who you are designing for. You will come up with personas and user journeys which help explore how your users will interact with your design in the real world.

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2. Conceptual design and iteration


You now have done your initial research and learnt about your users. It’s now time to start iterating and testing with your users. This is where you start coming up with the architecture for the design and how it might start to look and feel.

Feedback from user testing is used to continuously improve your design until you get closer and closer to an ideal solution.

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3. Delivery


At some point it’s likely a developer will have to turn your design into something which actually works. This doesn’t mean however that your job is done.

You are the bridge between the user and the project team and you should stay involved even at the build stage of the project.

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