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UX Mentorship Program

The UX Mentorship Program

Get your online UX mentor Create a Slack account Join our online community Learn and ask questions with over 300 others Free. No commitment. Get my UX mentor All applications are made in accordance with our privacy policy.Requires creation of a Slack account. Features Get

MeetMate - Get a reputation for great meetings

Meet MeetMate – My new App

I’m sure I’m not the only UX designer who has ever dreamed of creating their own app. As a species we are naturals at identifying problems with processes, tasks and user journeys in every day life. However, there is very little (human readable) guidance on


The Ultimate UX Spotify Playlist

What do you wiggle to when you wireframe? What do you prance to when doing your personas? What do you jig to when doing your user journeys? You get the idea.. Sometimes you just need to zone out, put on some beats and concentrate. I’ve