Get your first UX Job – 10 tips to get hired

3 thoughts on “Get your first UX Job – 10 tips to get hired”

  1. Ken says:

    Very helpful experience, thanks for sharing!

  2. Jon K says:

    Nice article Caroline. I personally have no skills in UX at all but notice that some of your tips are certainly applicable to other fields and people seeking jobs in general.

    As a reader, the fact that you don’t go too in-depth into the tips, but provide a reference point or two to help promote the tips is useful. Putting that action point too helps to provide some opportunities for people to think about taking the next step. Also a very valuable presentation tool!

  3. Andrew Pengelly says:

    Very interesting article and I learnt a new word – “BLAG”. Who said old people can’t learn new stuff. For someone who has been working in IT for many decades the whole concept of UX is a relatively new. A good article for anyone who is interested in application development especially for those that are interested in the user experience.

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