We’ve had a makeover!

To celebrate going from 0 to over 3000 unique monthly readers in the last 4 months i’ve been making some changes to the design of The UX Review.

There were a couple of focus areas I wanted to concentrate on to improve the experience for our readers:

  • Put more focus on the content
    • Remove navigation and header clutter
    • Give the content more breathing room – it was a bit cramped previously
    • Improve the typography by using a new header font and some slightly more contrasty colours
    • Make it easier to discover new content with improved category pages and more usefully placed ‘recent posts’ widgets
  • Improve the mobile experience
    • The mobile experience was ok before but should now include a nicer implementation of search which is persistent and less ugly subscribe link
    • The site should generally look nicer on both mobile and tablet
  • Improve the speed of the site
    • A bit of housekeeping on the back end to remove unnecessary CSS and Javascript. This is ongoing but hopefully should have an impact on page load speeds over time

There is still more work to do but hopefully you like the new look and it helps remove distraction and help you get to what you want to see most.

Thanks to all our readers for helping The UX Review grow as fast as it has in the last 4 months and I hope you continue to enjoy our content.

Of course if you have any comments on the new design or any suggestions for things to add i’d be delighted to hear them in the comments.

Image courtesy Mike Lemmon

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