The UX Mentorship Program

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  1. Create a Slack account
  2. Join our online community
  3. Learn and ask questions with over 300 others

Free. No commitment.

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Requires creation of a Slack account.


UX design feedback

  • Get feedback on your UX work
  • Get prepared for a UX interview
  • Get tips on running UX workshops and activities
  • Online easy access to your UX mentors
  • Advice on transitioning to your dream UX job
  • Participate in group exercises to help you hone your UX design skills


UX mentorship online

  • Personal development – learn how to solve problems with design thinking
  • Career long help – Mentorship doesn’t end when your UX courses do
  • Community – Meet and network with a thriving global UX community
  • Save money – no need to buy an expensive UX design course
  • Get started quickly – No lengthy sign up process

Your UX mentors

Our UX mentors have over 40 years combined experience in the UX industry and can cover your UX Design, Service Design, Interaction Design and User Research questions.

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How do I join?

Simply sign up above. You will be prompted to create a Slack account if you don’t already have one in order to join the channel.

Do I get assigned an individual UX mentor?

No – your questions can be answered by any of the UX mentors. We believe this gives you a wider range of viewpoints.

Can I ask mentors things privately?

We request you ask all your questions in the main channel. This means everyone can benefit from the responses.

I’ve seen other UX slack channels – why is this different?

Those other channels can be great but often they have so many people that your voice gets lost in the noise. You may not get the detailed responses you need as mentors struggle to keep up with responding to questions. Our group is smaller and more intimate allowing you to develop long lasting relationships with your mentors and others.

How long do I have to sign up for?

It’s entirely up to you. You are free to leave at any time, although we hope you don’t!

Can you give me feedback on my CV/resume or UX portfolio?

We promote group learning in the UX Mentorship Program and we don’t believe reviewing individual CV’s and portfolios gives the most value to the group at this time. We are working on alternative arrangements for CV/resume and portfolio reviews – watch this space.

How many others are on the Program?

We currently have over 300 mentees from across the globe!

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